Media Kiings is a certified Business Manager, Agent, Publisher, Distributor Marketer and Promoter. We also hold Developer License with Android, Apple, Roku and Amazon. We pride ourselves in the level of expertise we offer our entertainment partners and our clients the opportunity to identify there brand and scale their business


Media Kiings Inc having over 38 years of experience in the entertaimnent industry as one of the tralblazers of the early movements for independence and equality. Media Kiings has not only created methods to support the independent entertainer but given them an avenue to debut their creations before the world without a lot of back and forth

Television Broadcasting

Got Milk Comedy TV

Featuring Shawn Harris  


BET comedian, Shawn Harris, has been in the comedy game for two plus decades. Throughout his career, Shawn has performed on BET’s Comic View five times in a row. Showtime at the Apollo twice. In 2000, he toured Europe as the host for De’Angelo’s Untitled Tour, performing in Sweden, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Denmark, and Germany. In 2005, Shawn was invited to Montreal’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, and then to Aspen’s Comedy Festival in 2007.In 2009, Shawn won ‘Best Comedic Performance in a Short Film’ at the Boston Comedy Film Festival for his performance in John The Angry Mover. Shawn is forever known as the comic to receive four standing ovations in one set at New York’s famous, Caroline’s Comedy Club on Broadway.He appeared on Cristina’s Court attempting to sue his ex-girlfriend for rent:

NewBirth Restoration Ministry

Featuring Pastor Samuel Campbell, Edwin Raglin and more.


Our US relations and distribution covers the nation. Our focus is to provide products and services to a worldwide client base. We will present to you different methods and ways to brand your company and products.


We have built our foreign relationships in several countries to accommodate many different ways of life. They all have one thing in common, “People working with People”.


Our company has developed and alliance and with new up and coming business developments in the entertainment and broadcasting industry. Stay tuned for new developments.



We take pride in our ability to work well with others and the relationships we have built over the years old and new. Our company has now embarked on international business and ideas to help make the world a better place. Working together is the key.