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FINE ARTS By Elizabeth Sapre

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Elizabeth Sapre Fine Arts Instructor and Creator of Canvas and Sculptures

Elizabeth Sapre was born in London, England.  She developed a great appreciation for the sculpture and art that surrounded her in the city of London.  Elizabeth pursued artistic studies within the English education system, to advanced examination level.  Her studies included still-life drawing as well as detailed sketches of plants, flora and fauna which inspired patterns for batik painting, the subject of study of her examinations.   Some years later, after having moved to the United States, she returned to art as a self-taught artist.  Her artistic disciplines included portraiture and figurative artwork using the media of pastel, as well as oil painting for which she has won awards.  She has a love for detailed oil painted artwork executed using thin glazed layers and sculptures created using different media.  Her residence is in Texas.

FINE ARTS By Elizabeth Sapre



I seek to portray in my art the dignity of men, women and children because they are made n the image of God.  Human beings are the most complex and fascinating of all of his creatures.  Each individual possesses a uniqueness and diversity of physical features, characteristics and mannerisms which cannot be duplicated.  I hope that my portraits and sculptures capture some of these qualities, using my own artistic style. I like to portray men in a way that affirms their masculinity, courage and leadership, as well as compassion and gentle manliness.  I particularly like to portray women in a way that conveys strength of character, determination and resilience and celebrates the virtues of femininity, kindness and gentleness.

Music By Anth’O 

Anth'O Cover Album Tha Flow 2017

Music By Tavia Brooks 

Saturday Night Cover

Tavia Brooks has performed in many places, Super Bowl live downtown Houston discovery green park, gator festival, Texas Southern University’s homecoming, firehouse saloon, ran for Miss Texas USA, Matthew Knowles ball, heritage festival at George R Brown convention center, white oak music hall, and many more.

Author By Rainelle Saunders 

Rainelle Saunders

Rainelle Saunders is an actress. She played a Taresian woman in the Star Trek: Spaceship Voyager Episode The New Identity .In addition, she was in the films Mergers & Acquisitions (1989, including with Mark L. Taylor , Jim Beaver , Stephen Hudis , Jimmy Ortega , Judi Durand and JD Hall ), Columbo: Who laughs last (TV 1990, including Alan Scarfe , Mark Margolis , David Huddleston , Sandra Wild , Cameron and Jimmy Ortega), Heat (1995, including Ashley Judd , Ray Buktenica , Rick Avery , Vince Deadrick, Jr. ,Kenny Endoso , Cindy Katz and Jeff Imada ) and the Klump family and the Crazy Professor (2000, with Earl Boen , Nikki Cox , Viola Kate’s Stimpson and Charles Napier , among others ).

Television Broadcasting

Got Milk Comedy TV

Featuring Shawn Harris  


BET comedian, Shawn Harris, has been in the comedy game for two decades. Throughout his career, Shawn has performed on BET’s Comic View five times in a row. Showtime at the Apollo twice. In 2000, he toured Europe as the host for De’Angelo’s Untitled Tour, performing in Sweden, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Denmark, and Germany. In 2005, Shawn was invited to Montreal’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, and then to Aspen’s Comedy Festival in 2007.In 2009, Shawn won ‘Best Comedic Performance in a Short Film’ at the Boston Comedy Film Festival for his performance in John The Angry Mover. Shawn is forever known as the comic to receive four standing ovations in one set at New York’s famous, Caroline’s Comedy Club on Broadway.He appeared on Cristina’s Court attempting to sue his ex-girlfriend for rent:

MKBNTV / Music1TV Featuring Anth’O, Tavia Brooks Party Of Sin, Skyeglow  

Anth'O Feat C-Clain - Good Life (Special Edition)
Tavia At The Americana

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tavia Brooks.

Tavia Brooks born in Opelousas Louisiana raised in Houston Texas. Started singing when she was seven years of age by the grace of her father introducing her to music and talent shows within the family and neighborhood shows. Tavia fell in love started singing country when she was 12, when she first heard Brooks and Dunn blue moon in her grandmother, listening to her uncle play in zydeco bands she found her niche and her passion of the stories they told. Her dad taught her to go to become a performer over the years training her on stage presence, stage fright, walking in heels on stage alongside with her mother, engagements with audience, he also taught her vocal training along with the grandmother then once she got older she had another vocal training with a professional opera classical singer Stephen Smith learning how to sing in Italian to open her range.



Party Of The Sin

“Party of The Sin”

Hi! We are Party Of The Sin, a Chilean rock band! We are passionate, believe in us, love what we do and like to be in touch with people that love music too! We compose and write our own songs and direct our own videos. Our music is on every streaming music app. We hope you enjoy our work and will be waiting for any feedback if you have one! If you like our music follow us!






Enjoy Life!

Skyeglow Cover

NewBirth Restoration Ministry

Featuring Pastor Samuel Campbell, Edwin Raglin and more.


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